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Are you planning a wedding? Please focus on the details because they can make the difference between a dream wedding and a near-miss. This is our advice to all wedding couples. How will you and your wedding party go from the chapel to the photos and the reception, for example? We can help you plan, and we can give you some pointers to make it easier!

When is the best time to schedule wedding transportation?

This appears to be the most often asked question, and we have a solution right now! Transportation should be a primary focus from the moment you start planning. Venues are usually the first item to book but consider this: over 90 wedding venues in and around Cleveland, but only approximately 30 luxury Party Buses! You’ll have an easier time finding the venue of your dreams than you will finding comfortable, high-quality transportation. The Party Bus Rentals is already sold out for 2022, so now is the ideal time to book! It is best to book transportation services a year in advance to ensure that your wedding day is remarkable.

Who should you book with, and how should you do it?

When ordering a party bus, it’s crucial to know precisely how many people will be on board. This will have a significant impact on the type of party bus you get. The time you will need the party bus, the distance between sites, and any special needs for passengers are all vital pieces of information to have. Many organizations give quick and easy access to quotations and booking on their websites; once you’ve gathered all of the information, you’ll need to book Party Bus Service. Ours can be found here.

Don’t forget about the people that will be attending your wedding!

How will the guests get from the church to the reception, aside from the bride and groom and their entourage on the party bus? It’s crucial to arrange for additional transportation for them, such as a shuttle service. We are one of the few organizations that provide both party bus, limo, and shuttle services, allowing you to schedule all of your translation needs in one place!

Most importantly, have a good time!

It is critical to investigate all of a transportation company’s services. We focus on our clients’ everyday needs to focus solely on their wedding day and one other. Our top-notch chauffeurs and luxurious vehicles ensure an unforgettable experience!

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