ULC has one of the most comprehensive hiring programs in the transpiration industry. We do not just hire anyone of the street who needs a job and will work for anything and place them into a limo or bus carrying passengers like many smaller companies might do to avoid the costs of making smart hiring decisions. In order to work with ULC, all drivers must:

  • Possess a commercial license with Passenger endorsement active from the DMV
  • Pass a pre-hire criminal felony background check
  • Pass a pre-hire drug test
  • Once hired, all drivers must be active in our on-going random drug testing program.
  • All chauffeurs are enrolled in ULC’s driver pull notice program monitored by the DMV. If anything happens to the driver regarding his license when we’re not around we’ll be the first to know about it from the DMV. All driver’s abstracts are reviewed annually as well by management.
  • Defensive driver training and safety program is alive and very active with ULC. Driver’s receive emails and text notifications weekly about safety concerns and keeping everyone’s safety paramount when on the road.
  • Chauffeurs also go through ULC’s etiquette training at the time of hire, they are taught the proper ways of dealing with small 1 passenger clients up to 50 passengers party bus clients. ULC’s chauffeurs are amongst the best and most prepared in industry.
  • Chauffeurs are to always follow proper dress code by ULC, which is to always wear a dark suit, pressed shirt, dark tie, and black dress shoes. You will never see a ULC chauffeur look like a shuttle driver like some other party bus companies. ULC understand the client has something special going on, and we dress appropriately for your event. We want you to look good!



ULC Party bus has one of the most up-to-date party bus fleets in entire United States. We are not only one of the largest suppliers of limos and party buses, but our vehicles are amongst the best maintained in proper working condition than any other company you can find in our industry. We have onsite detailers and mechanics at all times.

The reasons are:

  • ULC features is own In-House repair facility and on-site mechanics 7 days a week. All our vehicles go through weekly vehicle inspections by our certified mechanics and are double checked before arriving at your doorstep.
  • All vehicles follow a very strict service programs in which they constantly receive OEM replacement parts per the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for commercial use. We don’t skip on the costs and try and buy the cheapest replacement parts we can find when we’re dealing with our client’s safety.
  • During afterhours, we always have an On-Call Mechanic who is ASE (Automotive Service Institute) certified to help at anytime during emergencies, which don’t happen that often but we are prepared.