ULC has spent thousands of dollars in capital on training the best people around to handle all your requests. All our reservations associates and dispatchers have a number of years experience in the industry and can assist with many things. If you’re looking for some fun ideas on what to do for the night, to specific features each one of our vehicles have, to making sure you know in advance your chauffeur’s name and phone number before your vehicle even arrives, our highly trained personnel is amongst the best in the industry at supporting all your needs.ULC has also invested in many tools to help us stay on top and be the best around, including:

  • We have and are using the most state-of-the-art dispatching and reservations software system known in the industry. We can instantly see if you’re a past customer, what your preferences are and many more features which allow us to assist our clients with any needs.
  • We have an automated flight tracking system which is integrated with our dispatching software and we will automatically adjust the customer’s pick up time based on the flight time changes/updates….there’s no need to worry about calling us for flight issues. We have you covered 100%.
  • ULC has invested in the most state-of-the-art vehicle tracking systems which allow us to not only see our vehicles and chauffeurs at all times, but send them messages, route them if they’re lost for any reason, and know whether or not there are any speeding violations as our dispatchers will receive pop up alerts for any speeding occurring in any of our vehicles.
  • Mis-communication is the number one problem for most transportation companies between driver and dispatch. ULC requires all chauffeurs have a cell phone on them at all times, which allows them to receive email/text. Additionally, we have In-Vehicle dispatch/messaging terminals in which we can communicate with our chauffeurs at all times.