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Whenever you see a luxury limousine pass you by on the road, there is no doubt that you probably wonder whether there is a celebrity or a VIP riding inside. ULC Limos transport valued guests and Hollywood celebrities in the luxury style to which they are regularly accustomed because they know that they will always receive nothing less than impeccable service delivery, regardless of the duration of the trip. When you want a Los Angeles Limousine service that is surprisingly cost-effective for all your Luxury transport around L.A., then we can show you that we are unbeatable in every aspect. United Limousine and Charter, Inc. (ULC) is a Hollywood limousine service that delivers fun, classy and inexpensive transport that is second to none.

ULC was established in 2004 by Brandon Jacobian to supply a Hollywood limousine service in trendy vehicles where the whole family is able to enjoy themselves, and also to provide limousines that were operated by sociable, skilled and expert drivers who knew the hotspots and delivered the same class and style that customers demand from a limousine service, while being reasonably priced to all. ULC started out with only two limousines but this number has matured into a fleet of twenty-five due to the great demand for its incomparable, Hollywood limousine service. All the vehicles are designed and custom-built by ULC based on advice from clients and drivers, making them distinctive to the company and unseen anywhere else. The vehicles are equipped with fantastic features, such as Karaoke, gaming systems, poker tables, and high end sound systems and have emerged on popular shows such as MTV Punked and Elimidate.

While the Hollywood limousine service boasts fleets with fantastic entertainment features, all the vehicles also come equipped with state-of-the-art safety features to assure customer satisfaction, and are habitually used by celebrities as the choice transport to the Grammy, Oscar and MTV awards shows. ULC continues to dominate the industry of Hollywood limousine services and is continually a few steps ahead of the competition – a trend which can only continue.

Make use of this classy, luxurious, Hollywood limousine service to attend sporting events, corporate gatherings and meetings, prom, funerals, conferences, and special events. You can also travel in comfort during airport transfers, when spending a night out on the town, for meet and greets, like the arrival of a new baby, and for shopping expeditions. There is never a good justification to miss out on a fantastic, comfortable and luxurious transportation occasion, especially with a brilliant Hollywood limousine service such as ULC. Make your booking today at www.ulclimos.com, and allow yourself to experience the luxuriousness and class of one of the attractively designed and spacious vehicles in the fleet.

If you don’t have anywhere out of the ordinary to go or a celebrity affair to attend, don’t let that make you miss out on a fantastic opportunity to experience luxurious transport. Simply book the Hollywood limousine service to do a little sight-seeing at www.ulclimos.com. Southern California has so many sights to see and one of ULC’s professional chauffeurs and travel connoisseurs will introduce you to all the wonders of the neighborhood on a guided tour in a limousine. This Hollywood limousine service is unmatched and guarantees you complete satisfaction when you choose to travel in one of its feature-filled limousines.

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