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How To Plan an Epic Birthday with ULC Limos?

A birthday is a unique occasion that occurs just once a year and deserves to be celebrated. As a genuinely memorable event, it is necessary to ensure that the proper strategy is in place, ensuring a fun-filled event that will be remembered for a long time. With the ULC Limos in place, there are a plethora of game ideas to keep the fun going, and if you’re looking for some of the greatest games for your party bus journey, below are some of the best options, all of which are free and ensure the most fun.

Party Games That Are Easy to Play

You may believe that all your wild night on the town requires a high-quality party bus rental, but what if you could take your party bus ride to the next level by playing fun and simple on-the-go games? This is a simple method to keep your guests entertained while you go from one site to the next, and it could end up being the evening’s highlight.

Here are a few of the best party bus games to help you arrange an unforgettable birthday celebration with ULC Limos:

Question those balloons 

This game is similar to the basic game but promises a slew of amusing repercussions if the player fails to answer questions correctly. The game consists of two heaps of balloons: one will include balloons with strip sheets with questions on them, and the other will contain striped balloons with hilarious instructions, which will serve as a fun penalty for incorrect responses. As you blow up the first pile of balloons, slide the pieces of paper into each and tie them shut, then repeat for the second pile, making sure to differentiate the piles properly. For differentiation, you may want to color-code the balloons so that one color is designated for those containing questions and the other for instructions.

Players are expected to take turns popping the balloons, then read out loud the questions and, if the answers are incorrect, pass the instruction balloons for punishment.

Musical Chairs 

Inside the box, arrange a row of chairs and have participants surround it. Start the music and have them dance around it while it plays. When the music stops, remove the child who is without a chair, shorten the chair by one, and continue the game until there are only two contestants left standing and one chair to compete for

Pass the present

Several small gift items, boxes, and wrapping paper are required for this game. Each item is wrapped in its box, with numerous layers of wrapping paper added for enjoyment. It’s a good idea to vary the number of layers of wrapping paper on each item to keep the game interesting. At the start of the game, have everyone sit in a circle and hand out gifts to each person without opening them. Please turn on the music and ask everyone to give the skills they carry to the person next to them. Stop passing the gifts until the music stops playing, and each person peels off a layer of their wrapping paper. This should go on until the present is revealed.
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