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55 Passenger Party Bus


  • Seating up to 55 Children and 45 Adults
  • Bottled Waters and Ice Complimentary
  • Premium Sound system

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Are you ready to book a party bus in Los Angeles big enough to meet your extra large party bus rental needs? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to book a party bus rental from ULC Limos that will surpass all your party bus rental expectations!

Why Book a 55 Passenger Party Bus?

Our 55 passenger party bus rental can do more than just handle your needs, it will make you feel like you have gone on a vacation before you ever leave the parking lot. Be sure to bring your favorite party DVDs, MP3, iPod or whatever electronic device holds your music.

Rent a Los Angeles Party Bus Rental

There is so much to do in Los Angeles that you’re always better off having a driver. Aparty bus rental means that you can travel as a large group while you enjoy all of the city has to offer. When you book a trip on the 55 passenger party bus, you can invite the whole office to join in the fun.

Cruise Los Angeles In Style in a Party Bus Rental

The only time you can really party on the road is when you have a driver, so when you decide to do it, why not rent a 55 passenger party bus and do it in style? You’ll have privacy and plenty of things to do on the party bus rental itself. In fact, if you never got off the bus and just cruised around Los Angeles you would still be in for a great time! The windows on your party bus rental are tinted so dark on the outside that no one will be able to see what you’re doing inside the party bus. But you will get to see all the sites that Los Angeles has to offer.

Dance on the Streets of L.A.

So, maybe you won’t actually be standing on the streets of L.A. when you do your dancing in your party bus rental, but you’ll be right above them. This party bus rental was built for fun, not just travel. Have a seat and get your party music ready as you hook your iPod or MP3 up to auxiliary station, which will then transmit your musical stylings to the sound system built for partying. Not only does this party bus rental include a quality sound system, it also has a dance floor right in the center of the bus. And, if you or one of your friends happens to include one of the vertical poles in the dance moves, so be it.

Light Up the Night in Los Angeles

Sure, you can enjoy all the lights that Los Angeles has to offer, but don’t forget to use your party bus rental lighting system to set your own mood. Whether you want mood lights to set a calming tone or you prefer the laser system, you can enjoy your own party bus rental light show in the middle of Los Angeles without ever leaving the bus.