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22 Passenger Hummer Limo


  • Capacity: 16 Minors & 14 Adults
  • Unique lighting
  • Passenger controls
  • Bar area and privacy shade
  • Advanced sound system

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When you really want to make a solid statement about the things that are important to you and your group, book a limousine rental in the form of a Hummer limo service. The Hummer says it all from the outside. You have the chance to enjoy safety, security, and a general right to puff out your chest a bit when you ride around Los Angeles in a Hummer limo rental.

Los Angeles Security and Luxury in One Limousine Rental

The 22 passenger Hummer limo rental is as comfortable on the inside as it is secure on the outside. Not only is no one going to bother you when you rent a Hummer limousine rental like this, they won’t even be able to see who you are through the heavily tinted windows. Of course, you can always roll them down and enjoy your bragging rights! Then again, you can just sit back on the leather seats in this limousine rental and enjoy the security of the ride. After all, you don’t have to do anything during the entire ride. That’s what you hired a limo service for. The only thing that might make this limousine service any better would be a drink and some music. But wait…

Party Safely on Los Angeles Roads in a Hummer Limousine Rental

It’s never a good idea to drink and drive…unless you aren’t the one driving and you have a limousine service professional to take care of that. Enjoy any one of the bars included in the 22 passenger Hummer limousine rental. Encourage the rest of the group to do the same. After all, it isn’t every day that you have a bar in your vehicle, much less more than one bar! Just don’t forget to add some ambiance with light and music while you party your way through Los Angeles in your 22 passenger Hummer limousine rental. This isn’t your average limousine lighting. These overhead lights make you forget you are even in a limousine rental because they seem to be everywhere around you. Not only do you see them overhead, but they are reflected on the floor as well. As far as the music in the Hummer limo rental, you get to bring what you like. Just plug in your iPod or phone to enjoy your very own personal collection through a sound system that will make you remember how high the quality of everything about this Hummer limousine rental is. Remember to bring your own auxiliary cord so you can plug your device into the existing port. You can even adjust the temperature in your 22 passenger Hummer limousine rental because it includes back seat controls that allow you to adjust the temperature with just a touch of your finger. On top of that, you can also cool off with the complimentary bottled water and ice. When you start planning for your Los Angeles outing with friends, don’t forget to book a 22 passenger Hummer limousine rental in your plans. Give yourself plenty of time so you can make sure to are able to reserve the Hummer, unless you have another limousine in mind.